The 13th Doll Looks To Bring Back The Camp & Fear Of FMV Horror


The 13th Doll, a 7th Guest fan game, aims to recapture the camp and horror of FMV games, taking players into a world of bizarre visions, creepy people, and twisted puzzles.


The 13th Doll returns to the mansion of evil toymaker Henry Stauf, following Tad, the seventh guest from the previous journey to the mansion that killed many in gruesome fashion. Left scarred and wracked with guilt from the experience, he now looks to return to the mansion and somehow free its victims, but is trapped in a mental institution. However, a new doctor, Richmond, feels it would make for cathartic therapy to return, bringing Tad back to the terrifying place.

Players will deal with twenty-six unique puzzles throughout the Stauf Mansion, with each one solved letting the player progress further into the mansion and unlocking more bits of FMV storyline. Players can act as either the doctor or Tad as they play, slowly working to one of the game’s five conclusions as they face down Stauf (played by the original actor from The 7th Guest, Robert Hirschboeck).


The 13th Doll is set to release on Halloween 2018.

Alistair Wong
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