14 Minutes Of Eerie Footage From P.T Style Horror Game Allison Road



Chris Kesler and his team have shared nearly 14 minutes of prototype gameplay footage from their upcoming horror game Allison Road. You can watch it in the video above.


It’s taken from the start of the game as the protagonist wakes up in a bit of a daze, being woken by a bang in his ground floor flat, which is part of a larger house where a couple and their daughter also live above him.


After exploring the flat, inside and out, noises and voices are heard as the character searches for a pill and grabs a glass of water to drink it down with. Then the flat gets, er, invaded by something. You can watch the rest for yourself.



Allison Road gained some attention back in May due to it being inspired by the horror teaser P.T., which (if you don’t know) was a teaser for vaporware game Silent Hills. Allison Road is meant to be a similar experience in that it takes place in a single location with a photorealistic set and constantly plays haunting tricks on the player as they explore.

Chris Priestman