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1990s-Style Arcade Racer Horizon Chase Speeds Towards PlayStation 4


Brazilian indie Aquiris Game Studio has confirmed that its love letter to retro racing games, Horizon Chase, will be coming to PlayStation 4.


Aquiris namedrop Outrun, Lotus Turbo Challenge, and Rush as some of the games it’s throwing back to with Horizon Chase. The result is an arcade racer with a lo-fi look and a splash of sunshine and color.


The game itself has cups that take you around the world and experiencing the different weather types that come with it: sunshine, rain, snow, volcanic ashes, and even severe sandstorms. But in each case the idea has been to capture the natural beauty of these locations as if on a postcard.


Horizon Chase is already available on the App Store for iOS. No release date for the PlayStation 4 version has been given. 

Chris Priestman