2 Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Subscription Plans Offer Perks For Monthly Fees

animal crossing pocket camp subscriptions

Earlier this week, Nintendo revealed people would be able to get an Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp subscription for different bonuses. Now, it turns out there are actually two subscription options. People could get a $2.99 Happy Helper Plan, a $7.99 Cookie & Depot Plan, or both.

Each one of the two Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp subscriptions has a different focus. The Happy Helper Plan is about getting objectives knocked off of your to-do list. Should you opt in, you can set one of your campsite visitors as your Camp Caretaker. This person will follow you around as you play. This assistant will perform visitors’ campsite requests when you’re not there, then give you the rewards. They will also provide you with items for any possible event, such as Gardening Events or Fishing Tourneys. You also get 60 Leaf Tickets per month, have shortened crafting times with a Happy Helper, and get a Pocket Camp Club Journal with insights about animals and new items. This option also offers a one month free trial.

Here’s the Happy Helper Plan introduction video.

The Cookie & Depot Plan is about buying and collecting items. Each month, you get to visit the members-only cookie shop and pick five Fortune Cookies. This selection includes currently available and unavailable past designs. People who subscribe to this plan also get Warehouse storage options. You can store up to 5,000 items. It also has the reduced crafting times and Pocket Camp Club Journal. There is no free trial for it.

Here’s the Cookie & Depot Plan video.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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