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2 Hours of ANNO: Mutationem Gameplay Shown at Bitsummit Gaiden

ANNO: Mutationem

At Bitsummit Gaiden, indie developer ThinkingStars showed off around two hour’s worth of gameplay for the upcoming cyberpunk action game ANNO: Mutationem. As a reminder, this title is one being developed as part of Sony’s China Hero Project, where Sony provides technical support in development in order to help indie developers in China reach their full potential.

ANNO: Mutationem is described as a cyberpunk action game with a touch of the bizarre, and it takes place in a world where SCP Foundation creatures are real. Currently, monsters such as the SCP-682 are shown off in the demo.

You can check out the two hour’s of gameplay of the trial version of the game below:

One of the goals of the game is to present vibrant 2D graphics layered over detailed 3D backgrounds. As the protagonist, you’ll be able to explore the futuristic city in between missions where you head out to defeat monsters. One of the themes of the game, shown in story sequences and sidequests with NPCs, is how technology will progress and march on no matter what, even if it has consequences.

Currently, ANNO: Mutationem is in development for the PlayStation 4. No release date has been announced yet for the title. The game previously appeared at ChinaJoy 2019.

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