pbr.jpgCrave Entertainment announced they are going to work with the Professional Bull Riders to bring a bull riding game to video game consoles.


"The sport of bull riding has gained tremendous momentum over the past few years, attracting a huge international audience as well as heavy duty corporate sponsors," said Rob Dyer, President of Crave Entertainment. "We feel the skill and tenacity needed to stay on a bucking bull will translate perfectly to the videogame arena."


Translate perfectly? I wonder how Crave is going to pull that off. One thought I had was maybe Crave is designing this as a Wii game where you have to turn the remote to hold on to the bull with the controller shakes in your hand. However, Crave plans to develop The Professional Bull Riders game for multiple consoles, which probably means some rendition won’t have motion control and will have to rely on buttons plus an analog stick. This is the most out of the blue license I heard of this year and to put it in perspective this is the same company that published NRA Gun Club last year. Points for… umm… originality in licensing?

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