Electroplankton Swims To DSiWare Next Week


    image Electroplankton is one Nintendo’s unusual DS titles because it’s not really a game. Electroplankton is a music making tool with neon fish.


    You can make chiptunes by poking algae-like Electroplankton in BeatNES and create a symphony (or in my case a cacophony) by drawing paths in Tracy.


    Since Electroplankton got a limited release it is sort of rare, but soon Nintendo DSi owners will get a chance to pick up a digital version of the game… in pieces. The ten programs in Electroplankton will be sold as separate DSiWare titles, each priced at 200 DSiWare Points ($2). Electroplankton originally retailed for 4,800 yen ($50) so this is a fair deal.


    Here’s the Electroplankton DSiWare schedule for Japan.


    July 8: Tracy, Hanenbon, Nanocarp, BeatNES,

    July 22: Rec Rec, Lumiloop

    August: Sun Animalcule, Luminarian, Marine Snow, Volvoice


    Nintendo of America has not announced any plans to re-release Electroplankton on DSiWare at this time, but it’s not like DSiWare is flooded with games. I imagine Electroplankton will trickle in eventually.



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