Toukiden Trailer Shows Off Some Intense Historic Hunting Action

By Sato . May 24, 2013 . 1:00pm


Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force have been busy working on their upcoming historic hunting game, Toukiden. They recently released a new trailer that shows off how you’ll be taking down giant demons while getting help from the spirits of Japanese folklore heroes. The official website also introduces some new demons, including a strange four-winged dragon… with a rooster’s head.



The trailer starts out by showing a group of Mononofu destroying parts of a large demon and knocking them down, followed by a neat looking ninja character and other Mononofu warriors.


Omega also briefly give us a look at the Mitama, which are spiritual powers from historic heroes, such as Momotaro, a popular hero from Japanese folklore. There are over 200 Mitama with various attributes to collect, and they’ll boost your abilities in power, defense, healing and more.


You’ll be able to customize your character’s gender, hair, hair color, face, skin and voice. We also get a glimpse of the player base, known as Utakata Village, where you’ll get to take your time to upgrade your equipment, manage your Mitama and more.


The weapons you can use in Toukiden are: Long katana, armor plated Tekko gloves, Sickle and chain, bows, dual swords and spears.


Here’s a look at some of the newly introduced monsters we’ll be fighting in Toukiden:




s_hinomagatori oni041

This large demon seems to have the appearance of a rooster-headed dragon. It uses its four wings to fly around the skies and uses powerful flames to scorch enemies with a burning breath attack. The Hinomagatori can easily fly its way out of the underworld domain, and it is also said that it once completely wiped out a village with a surprise attack.





The Onibi is a smaller demon that is completely engulfed in flames. It actually doesn’t move around much and spends its time in specific areas, so one might think that the Onibi are a form of lookout. It can be fatal to those who approach unknowingly, as it is known to spit out powerful flames.





This bat-like creature is a small type demon that flaps its long ears to fly. In long-ranged combat, the Onmaraki can spit lightning, while it fights using its tail as a whip for close-ranged fights. Even the Mononofu will have to be careful against these demons, especially if they’re found in a group.


Toukiden will be released on June 27th for PlayStation Vita and PSP in Japan.


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