High School DxD Game Delayed; Collector’s Edition Announced


    High School DxD, the Nintendo 3DS game based on the anime of the same name, has been delayed, publisher Kadokawa Games have announced. Kadokawa cited quality concerns as the reason for the delay and have moved the title from November to December.


    Additionally, Kadokawa have announced a collector’s edition of the game that will come with your usual range of risqué items; although, in this case, it’s something you don’t see very often—a pair of earphones shaped like boobs. (Don’t kill the messenger.) Specifically, the boobs of Rias Gremory.


    Also included is a cord manager for the earphones with Rias art on it, a piece of cloth that can transform into underwear, a 3D card, and two decorative bands. The set will cost 9,240 yen in Japan.



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