Yo-kai Watch’s Favorite Cat Youkai Gets Some Awesome Figures



We recently talked about Yo-kai Watch’s popularity in Japan, which is growing into something of a social phenomenon with the kids, while still being enjoyable for older folks. Amidst the merchandising blitz, the series’ favorite ghost cat character, Jibanyan, now has a neat little figure to please his fans. (Thanks, Game Watch)


yo_02_s yo_01

Jibanyan became a yokai ghost after being hit by a car. Following that, he turned into one of the quirkier characters of Yo-kai Watch. In addition to his “Hundred Paws” ability, he can also curse anyone just by having them touch his waistband, but don’t worry, I think is figure’s is safe to touch.


yo_04 yo_05

yo_06 yo_07

The Jibanyan figure comes with three different parts for his face, and various stickers to depict his many emotions.


yo_03 yo_08

yo_09 yo_10


Additionally, his mecha-counterpart, known as Robonyan, also has its own figure. This one comes with special parts for its mouth, jet boosters, rocket punch, and more.


Jibanyan and Robonyan are currently being sold for 864 yen each. They can also be purchased on Amazon here, and here.


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