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24K Gold PlayStation 5 Will Cost Over $10,000

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The luxurious 24k gold PlayStation 5 will cost consumers quite a pretty penny. The prices for this special version of the upcoming next generation system have been disclosed, and they’re nothing to scoff at. Truly Exquisite confirmed on its site that its gold-plated PS5 pre-orders will open on September 10, 2020. The 18k rose gold, 24k gold, and platinum PS5 models each will cost over $10,000.

Editor’s note: The prices will be converted from pounds to dollars in this article.

The 24k gold digital PlayStation 5 will cost roughly $10,425 compared to the 18k rose gold digital version, which will cost around $10,556. The most expensive of the three consoles, the platinum version, will cost roughly $10,686. The standard versions of these consoles will be priced as follows, with the 24k PlayStation 5 costing roughly $10,556, the 18K rose gold one costing $10,686, and the platinum version coming in at about $10,816.

24k Gold PlayStation 5 Truly Exquisite

The PlayStation 5 controller will cost $845 and the headset will cost $520.

To those truly devoted to Sony or an absolute sense of luxury, the pre-orders for the Truly Exquisite PlayStation 5 will open on September 10, 2020. Sony hasn’t announced an actual release for the systems yet. Presumably, people who order will receive theirs sometime after launch. Only 250 of each model will be made, and they will arrive in folks’ homes in decorative wooden boxes.

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