25th Anniversary Mario Red Wii And DSi XL Announced For Europe


In Japan, Nintendo are releasing a Mario Red Wii to celebrate their mascot character’s 25th anniversary. In addition to a Wii Remote Plus and all the other regular Wii hardware pack-ins, the Mario Red Wii bundle also comes with a special 25th anniversary version of Super Mario Bros. installed on the system.


The same bundle has now been confirmed for Europe, but with a few changes. The European bundle will include everything the Japanese bundle does, but will also come with a Wii Sports disc and the original edition of Donkey Kong pre-installed on the Wii, in homage to Mario’s first appearance.



The Mario Red Wii bundle will go on sale in Europe on October 29th. Before that, however, Nintendo are also releasing a New Super Mario Bros. Nintendo DSi XL Special Edition Pack on October 22nd, which consists of a red Mario-branded DSi XL and a copy of New Super Mario Bros.


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