2D Action Adventure Moonman Is Procedurally Generated

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Benjamin Porter has spent the past two years working full-time on his procedurally generated 2D action adventure game Moonman. He’s now looking for $35,000 in funding on Kickstarter to hire an additional artist and finish the game off.


Moonman is like a slightly stranger, alien version of Terraria, minus the multiplayer part. You play as a squishy green biped – a moonman, apparently – who is summoned by a magic mollusc into a nocturnal world to collect fragments of the moon.


There’s a fire fragment in the volcanic region, a ghost fragment in the wastelands, a pale fragment in the forest, and so on. The catch is that these moon fragments are held inside monstrous boss creatures that have fed on the lunar energies.


In order to defeat these creatures, you’re going to need to harvest, mine, and dig for resources to make tools, weapons, and armor. There are special sets you can collect to empower you.


You can become the Pig Champion by wearing the pig mask, jade shield, gold armor, and iron sword, for example. There’s also an Enchanter, a Crystal Knight, and a Broom Owl (yep, an owl mask and a broom are required for that one). Handy for when you’re taking on hellbeasts, poisonous spores, and electric bats, as well as many other gruesome creatures.


A copy of Moonman on PC will cost you $10 AUD on Kickstarter while early access to the game is available at $20 AUD. You can also vote for the game on Steam Greenlight. The plan is to bring it to PC later this year. Console versions might also happen in the future.

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