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30 Minutes Of Xenoblade Chronicles X Gameplay With Details


Earlier today, Nintendo’s product development team, Treehouse, live-streamed 30 minutes of gameplay footage from Xenoblade Chronicles X. The stream was recorded by Operation Rainfall, and you can watch it in its entirety below.



Here’s a brief rundown of the major information provided during the video:


  • At the start of the game, two warring alien species have a fierce battle close to Earth, and essentially force all of humanity to leave the planet in two arc ships before the planet blows up. The arc ships are extremely large in size and can essentially hold the population of an entire city.


  • One of the arc ships gets knocked out of space and crash-lands on an alien planet. Xenoblade Chronicles X takes place on this planet, and part of the game’s story involves searching for other groups of survivors that were scattered during the crash.


  • Your player character then awakens from their stasis pod, at which point you can customize them. You can choose their gender, hairstyle, skin colour, size and more. The first person you meet is Elma, who is one of the scouts from the city looking for survivors.


  • The first people to come out of stasis after the arc ship crashed were military people. However, the military folks know that they need people with other talents to get civilization back up and running, such as farmers and craftspeople.


  • As you explore the first area in the game, you’ll come across other artefacts that were scattered during the arc ship’s crash-landing.


  • The first city in the game is Neo Los Angeles, guarded by a military installation. This is the city you’ve seen in all the trailers for Xenoblade Chronicles X thus far. You’ll also see your first mechs in Neo Los Angeles.


  • Day-and-night cycles are back, along with changing weather patterns. Enemy patterns will change from day to night and will also change with the weather. For example, predators come out to hunt at night.


  • Like Xenoblade before it, Xenoblade Chronicles X’s battle system is entirely real-time. “Technical Points” are used to power up your Arts. TP can be built up faster by using melee attacks. Ranged attacks are less risky than melee attacks, but build up TP slower.


  • You can give orders to your teammates in battle using the battle menu. One of the options is the ability to have them focus fire on your target.


  • Characters have “Inner Stats” and “Class Stats”. The former are tied to your character and your items. The latter are tied to your character class.


  • Character classes can be changed on-the-fly—even in the midst of battle. Different Arts are tied to different classes. The first class you start out with is Drifter. Once you unlock multiple classes, you can mix and match Arts from different classes for a character setup you like.


Xenoblade Chronicles X is slated for release in 2015 for the Wii U.

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