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3D Classics: Urban Champion Is One This Month’s Club Nintendo Rewards


    It’s the first day of a new month, which means Club Nintendo have updated with a batch of new downloadable game rewards. On the 3DS front, you get ArtStyle: Pictobits, one of the various DSiWare ArtStyle games, and 3D Classics: Urban Champion.


    For WiiWare, you can grab Snowpack Park a game where you play as your Mii and rescue penguins in the Antarctic. You can also go bowling and play basketball with them. Finally, also for WiiWare, is Eco Shooter: Plant 530, a first-person shooter where you fight off garbage-wielding aliens.


    Club Nintendo coin prices for the four games are as follows:

    ArtStyle: Pictobits – 150 coins

    3D Classics: Urban Champion – 150 coins

    Snowpack Park – 150 coins

    Eco Shooter: Plant 350 – 200 coins


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