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3dSen, the 3D NES Emulator, Is on Steam in Early Access

You may recall hearing about 3dSen at some point in the last few years. This absolutely ludicrous project, from developer Geod Studio, is an emulator that can play all your favorite NES games. It can also play a list of 70 (and counting) NES games in 3D. (There’s a VR version too!) It’s something you have to see to believe, and now you can even buy it. 3dSen Early Access is available starting today on Steam, and it’s even on sale.

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Check out the Early Access launch trailer:

3dSen basically converts the NES sprites into 3D models, and stages the entire instance of the game in a floating space you can even move the camera around. This emulator supports Steam Input, and the games do run in real time. It also supports Steam’s Remote Play Together feature, so you can check this bad boy out with a friend online.

As noted on the Steam page, 3dSen Early Access will probably last until around late 2020, depending on how things go. The price could change depending on what goes into the project during this time, and the discussion boards are active with people keeping tabs on updates and providing feedback. If you’re interested in checking it out, 3dSen Early Access has a $9.99 price tag, and is on sale for &8.99 until July 9, 2020.

Obviously you’ll be on your own when it comes to acquiring software.

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