4 For The Money Is A Co-Op Game Of Ridiculous Heists

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Up to four players can take on various criminal roles, using an array of skilled rogues to break into hideouts, steal evidence and cash, and take out crooked crime lords in co-op heist game 4 For The Money.


4 For The Money has several skilled thieves for players to put to use. Jay brings multiple types of firearm to the team, letting players blast enemies in multiple ways from various distances. Redna uses slides, wall climbing, and air dashes to skulk around out of the enemy’s reach, and also to get to places the other thieves can’t. Fulvio is the strongest thief, able to lift up his teammates when needed, or he can also use his jet pack to drop his muscular body on top of foes. Finally, Arnold can block his enemy’s approach with his immovable body, stopping bullets, flame, and anything else that might hurt his friends.

These four characters must be used in tandem to get through each of 4 For The Money’s stages. Players can tackle these as a team or play through the game alone, swapping characters at will. Both single and multiplayer modes have their own stages that have been specifically designed for that mode, so players won’t find the challenge getting unbalanced no matter which mode they choose. They can also alter the challenge further with the game’s deep difficulty adjustment system, fiddling with lives, checkpoints, enemy health, and more. 


Players will need to carefully plan their approach regardless of difficulty choice, though, as 4 For The Money color-codes many of its challenges and enemies. Players will need to use the character of the correct color to solve a puzzle or fight a given enemy, so players will have to assess each situation and decide which hero needs to do what in a hurry.

4 For The Money is being funded through an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, and a demo is currently available through Steam.

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