4K YouTube Video Demonstrates Potential of a Legacy of Kain Remake

Legacy of Kain Remake

Legacy of Kain is a classic that has had a tough go of things over the last fifteen years or so. Still, it has its fans, some of whom hope that the series might find a place on the next generation of consoles. While there has been no official news on that end, YouTube user, Sanadsk, has released a video showcasing his “4K remake” of Legacy of Kain, which uses Ray Tracing filters and mods to update the visuals from the classic games.

The approximately nine-minute-long video uses Legacy of Kain: Defiance, which was released in 2003, to make a pretty strong case for updating the old games for modern hardware. There are still plenty of ways in which the game shows its age, even with all the mods applied, but the same sentiment can be applied to a large swath of remastered games from the PlayStation 2.

What stands out the most is the gameplay, which appears to have aged just fine. Combat is smooth and managing multiple enemies at once seems genuinely engaging.

It has been seven years since the last Legacy of Kain game. That game, called Nosgoth, was a free-to-play third-person shooter that was technically set in the same universe as the games but otherwise pretty unrecognizable as a Legacy of Kain game. Nosgoth’s is the only game set in that universe to release within the last seventeen years. A Legacy of Kain remake would be quite welcome.

Benjamin Maltbie
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