5pb/Mages, developers of games like Steins;Gate and Phantom Breaker, have teamed up with Nintendocore band, I Fight Dragons, for a music video mash-up featuring the song “Move,” from their recent album, DEMOlitions. The music video features in-game footage from Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds, as well as in-game sprites of the band members.


“People will probably wonder what the impetus was for such a collaboration,” said Gail Salamanca, US PR Manager, Mages. “I’m actually a huge fan of the band and felt the need to somehow Voltron the awesomeness of I Fight Dragon’s chiptune inspired rock sound and Phantom Breaker’s 8-bit retro action into something that fans of the band and game could enjoy.”


You can watch the video above. Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds is available to download via Xbox Live Arcade.


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