5pb Teases A New Project Featuring Former Cave Producer Makoto Asada



Makoto Asada, who previously worked at Cave to help them bring arcade shooters to the Xbox 360, is now part of Phantom Breaker developer Mages (a subsidiary of 5pb). His first project was working on Constant C which out on Xbox Live Arcade now and it looks like he’ll have more work, as Mages recently teased a new project under his name on their official website.


5pb’s “Division 7” are known for being the Phantom Breaker division, and the tease of the new project reveals that Asada will now have his own studio, which is shown as “Div8” on the logo, followed by the words “Shinasutimikira Project coming soon”.


While details are light for the time being, more news about the project is expected to be revealed in the near future.

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