5pb’s Indie Puzzle Platformer About Time And Gravity Is Here

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5pb, makers of pretty nifty visual novels and all-gal fighters gave us word that they were breaking out by bringing a new IP westward last year. The game is Constant C, a physics-based puzzler with all the staples inherent in dangerous confines. Such dangers include conveniently located sawblades, mines and lasers which you’ll manipulate by moving gravity itself. Check out the cute launch trailer above.


Screenshot_01 Screenshot_02

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The story is set in the “not so distant future”, where Mankind’s banded together and reached the stars. One of the new projects the world is working on is the Superluminal Project that hopes to control space and time itself. And of course, the research is being done in a remote space station in case things do… go… wrong. You’re now the rescue robot sent in to figure out what’s the problem that has caused the entire space station to freeze in time and save the trapped scientists. The game features some 100 levels revolving around handling boxes and manipulating gravity as you try to avoid smashing into dangerous objects in a 2D world.


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If you want to get sucked into the world more, there’s a free prequel comic available to read here. Constant C is available on Xbox 360 as a download title as well as PC via Steam.

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