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60,000 Viewers Tuned In For Bayonetta 2 During Nintendo’s E3 Livestream


At E3 this year, Nintendo featured PlatinumGames during their Treehouse Live livestream event. Platinum appeared during the course of the stream multiple times to show off both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 for Wii U, and it sounds like the livestream idea worked out well for the team.


Producer Akiko Kuroda, who was controlling both games during the livestream, recently took to the Platinum blog to discuss her trip to E3. In her post, Kuroda describes the Treehouse Live stream, and how it was set up.


“Nintendo’s goal for the event was to present titles with a more real, at-home approach instead of just deliver something scripted,” she writes. “There was some prep before we went on, but most of the talk was [director] Hashimoto doing ad-lib.”


“Believe it or not, you don’t really get the chance to convey what you want about the game, or show it to your fans in such a direct way so often, so it felt great to be able to take part in Treehouse Live, and I hope to be able to do more events like it in the future,” Kuroda writes further down in her blog post. She then reveals that 60,000 people tuned in to hear about Bayonetta 2 during the stream.


Kuroda also writes that, among other questions the team was asked by the gaming media, the question of Bayonetta 3 was brought up as well. “You guys are so impatient,” Kuro joked. “Bayonetta 2 isn’t even out yet! But yeah, we’d love to make 3 if we could…”

Ishaan Sahdev
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