64-Player Servers? Gundam Online Game Scoffs With 100-Player Servers



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Who’s still thinking 64-man servers are the biggest and best things this side of the planet when we have Mobile Suits Gundam Online, with its massive 50-on-50 maps?


Namco Bandai have announced that the PC-only third-person online action game will be getting a new “Fortified city” map to fight in. A Capture-the-Point map, players in their Gundam suits will have to either slog it through the deep river or cross the lone bridge spanning the city to take control of the majority of points for their team.


As the video above shows, it may look rather simplistic but with the ability to fly, lock-on, and each of the Gundam universe’s specific robots things can get strategic quickly. Hide in the water with a Acguy maybe, quietly sabotaging the enemy’s water crossing point or just go guns blazing with other Gundams. There’s quite a variety!


Unfortunately, buildings won’t be destructible but do provide plenty of cover against all that lock-on missiles and laser beams flying around—that is, right till a beam saber slices right through you and sends you back to the respawn point. The new map will be available from October 23rd and if you want, you can pick the game up here.

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