7th Dragon III Videos Show Us Plenty Of Dragon Fights And A Bit Of Dating Events

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Sega’s latest batch of videos for 7th Dragon III Code: VFD show us more of its fights against the dragons, making characters and parties, and other features for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title.


The above video starts us out with some of the basics on 7th Dragon III with a look at how you’ll make characters out of the game’s many classes. There’s a total of 40 voice actors to choose their voices.


You’ll need to make three parties of three, depending on the type of party setups you have going on, it’ll influence the way you take on dungeons and its dragon bosses. When you’re not taking on dungeons, you’ll get to take on various requests, or go on dates.


The following video highlights the game’s battles and dragons. It shows us many different dragons you’ll encounter, along with its various characters taking them on using different abilities.


Finally, here’s a look at a video that showcases the tanky Vanisher class. The Vanishers use a hybrid weapon called “Armored Spear,” which is a mix between a giant spear and mortar. They boast the best physical damage of all classes and have the most health.


Their powerful attacks require “Explosives” to use, but you’ll need to keep supplementing it if you use too much, so you might want to keep track of the skills you use with them.


7th Dragon III Code: VFD will release in Japan on October 15, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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