8-Bit Adventures 2 Pits RPG Heroes Against A Dangerous Glitch

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A Glitch, faced with erasure, attacks the video game world it inhabits, and only some classic RPG warriors, mages, and thieves can stand up to it in 8-Bit Adventures 2.


8-Bit Adventures 2 promises strategic combat as players face mechanical beasts, mythical monsters, and distorted foes. Each of the game’s seven characters offer varied traits that make them stand out in a fight, and these characters can be swapped in and out of combat to help bring the most useful party to each particular battle. With smart ability use, as well as fiddling with the turn order based on the actions players take, players will be able to turn the tide against the variety of monsters they come across.

They will meet many different creatures as they explore sunken ships, shadowy cities, and computerized locales as they explore their regular RPG world and the Computer world. Each of these places has been created with classic pixel art that is an homage to classic RPGs like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, but with modern touches like the ability to save anywhere.


Despite the game’s main villain being a Glitch, the developers offer few details on how that will affect the game and its heroes, or what those glitch powers will be able to do to the game’s world.

According to its Steam Page, 8-Bit Adventures 2 is set to release in Early 2018. A demo is currently available from the game’s site.

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