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80s & 90s Action Heroes & 4 Player Co-Op Now On PS4 With Broforce


Broforces brand of puns and mayhem has come to PS4, bringing gun-slinging, cigar-chomping, environment-destroying 80’s and 90’s action heroes to the console.

Broforce offers dozens of Bros, each with their own combat style and weapons. Indiana Brones can use a whip, Bronan the Barbarian wields a sword, Brominator fires a chain gun, and many more options are available depending on how players would like to progress through the game.

Much of this progression involves blasting terrorists and blowing apart the game’s completely destructible environments, saving hostages to unlock more playable Bros. Players can also bring along a few friends for online and offline co-op for up to four players.

Broforce is available for $14.99, and is free for PS+ members until the end of March.

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