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80’s Teens, Government Conspiracies, Action RPG Play Mingle In Crossing Souls This February


Crossing Souls, an action RPG about a group of five teenagers dealing with magic artifacts and government plots, will release its 80’s infused play in a few months.


Players will have access to five different teens in a world inspired by Ghostbusters, Stand By Me, and ET, each of which has their own combat powers and weapons they can use to deal with the influx of people and beings who want to see them hurt. They’re in this difficult situation after finding a strange artifact that lets them interact with the worlds of life and death, which is difficult enough, but this item also connects them to a dangerous general involved in a government conspiracy, giving the teens trouble on each plane of existence.

Players will explore this world ripped straight from the era, one filled with animated cutscenes reminiscent of cartoons from the time, as well as many locations and bits of music that draw from it as well. As players explore this world and find its hidden locations and treasures, they’ll gain new tools to fight or solve puzzles with.  


Crossing Souls is projected to release on February 13, 2018 for PC and PS4.

Alistair Wong
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