8Bit Music Power Final Coming In March 2017

Last year, RIKI and Columbus Circle released 8Bit Music Power, a chiptune mixtape on a Famicom cartridge. It featured 11 songs from famous artists, as well as an art gallery and minigames. Now, in March 2017, a sequel will be released. 8Bit Music Power Final will be released for the Famicom in Japan and feature 18 songs.

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Here’s the 8Bit Music Power Final track listing.

  1. “Bit Shift Girl” – Sntrr
  2. “Black Tokyo” – Yu Shimoda
  3. “Mysterious Shrine” – Zun
  4. “Pop Track” – Sexy-Synthesizer
  5. “Shooting Starlight” – Tappy
  6. “Real Adventure” – Technouchi
  7. “Future Dreamer” – Toriena
  8. “Star Falsion 2 – Norio Nakagata
  9. “KiraKira” – Junya Nakano
  10. “AI Bomb 8MP Edit” – Naruto
  11. “Red-White Planet” – Hally
  12. “Monkey Monkey” – Hige Driver
  13. “Nostalgic Reverie” – Motoaki Furukawa
  14. “KS2?VirtualStage1” – Bun
  15. “I am Seeing Things” – Manami Matsumae
  16. “Fera Giganto #1” – 山田一法 IPPO
  17. “Power of Music” – Takeshi Yokemura
  18. “Believe It or Not!” – Yasuhisa Watanabe


8bit music final 8bit music power final cart


In addition to the 8Bit Music Power Final Famicom cartridge, there will also be an 8bit sound adapter peripheral for the Famicom. This device, which is shaped like a Famicom controller, plugs into the system’s expansion port. Once attached, you can plug headphones or speakers into the console.


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8Bit Music Power Final will be released for the Famicom in Japan in March 2017. Amazon.co.jp is selling the cartridge alone for ¥5,378 (~$46) or in a bundle with the 8bit sound adapter peripheral for ¥7,980 (~$68).

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