8BitMMO Finally Hits Version 1.0 After 14 Years Of Work

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The 1.0 version of the retro-style 2D MMO sandbox 8BitMMO has now been launched after 14 years of development on the game. More features will still be added to the game in future version releases.


Solo creator Robby Zinchak started work on 8BitMMO back in 2001, but it wasn’t until June 2011 that he released a playable build, and since then he’s been working with the community to improve it. The game now has over 650,000 registered users and contains a user-made world that is larger than the combined landmass of the UK.


Despite being a relatively small community (compared with, say, Minecraft’s), 8BitMMOs players have apparently shown a number of of impressive displays of fanship, including “writing novels-worth of fanfiction, creating a 3d-printed model of their character, or in one case even getting a tattoo of the game.”


8BitMMO lets you enter a persistent online construction sandbox where you can build your own home, or anything else that takes your fancy. You can also head out into the wilds to fight strange creatures or turn on your fellow players in PvP modes.


If you want to play it, you can grab it on Steam or its official website for free.

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