A Cancelled Tokyo Majin Game Might Get A New Release With A Couple Remasters



Tokyo Majin and Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters creator Shuho Imai was featured in an interview in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine where he hinted at a possible release of a cancelled 2008-announced DS title. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


The Tokyo Majin series was expected to get the main sereies’ final entry with Tokyo Majin: Gakuen Teisencho, which was announced for Nintendo DS back in July 2008, but it was eventually cancelled in July 2010. Imai told Famitsu that he’d like to “release it soon.”


However, should Teisencho get a release, Imai feels that it’d only be approprite for them to release a remaster of the previous games, Kenpucho and Gehoucho, on the platform, which he said will be a console and not a handheld (or mobile).


Imai also mentioned that Michi Kobayashi and Takashi Nitta who worked as character designer and composer have also said that they’ve been wanting to work on it as well, so he asks fans to wait for it.

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