ctdsn Famitsu has a small selection of screenshots showing Chrono Trigger’s new features. In the Dimensional Distortion dungeon players trek through three rifts of time in a new scenario which effects the End of Time. Masato Kato, one of the story writers for the original release of Chrono Trigger, is supervising the Dimensonal Distortion dungeon and its “shocking” revelations. The Dragon Sanctuary shows Crono and company talking to the Reptites who are living in a cave. It sounds like they’re going to give you fetch quests which will have you revisiting other areas.


The most mysterious feature is still the monster arena which gives time travelers access to 50 kinds of monsters. It’s sill unclear if you control imps, winged monkeys, and Nus(!) in battle or if they fight based on a pre-assigned algorithm like Final Fantasy IV DS.


Images courtesy of Square Enix / Famitsu.

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