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A Damaged Space Suit May Kill You Before Xenosis: Alien Infection’s Monster Do


The starship Carpathian has appeared out of nowhere, supposedly having disappeared fifty years prior. As a salvage hunter, what’s on board could be worth a fortune, but surviving to use those funds won’t be easy in top-down horror game Xenosis: Alien Infection.


Xenosis: Alien Infection gives players a large space station to explore once they find themselves locked inside, having to collect scrap and avoid danger as they look for a way out. These scavenged items can be used to create ammo and weapons that will help the player survive, so it is worth the player’s time to constantly be on the lookout for items.

Some items may not be worth the trouble of getting them, though, as dangerous, intelligent enemies lurk on board the ship. While they can be difficult on their own, as they’ll carefully flank and outmaneuver the player when possible, but they will also flee and seek reinforcements should they be in danger of dying. Luckily, players can build an array of melee and ranged weapons, as well as deploy sentries and turrets that can fight for them. Stealth may also be the best option against some foes as well.


Monsters aren’t the only dangers aboard the Carpathian either. Toxins and radiation poison the atmosphere of the ship, and the vacuum of space is always a hazard as well. Players can also suffer damage to their space suit in the form of tears which waste oxygen and let harmful things in, so players will need to take care of any damage to their suit as fast as possible.

Xenosis: Alien Infection is set to release in March 2019, according to its Steam page. It is currently seeking development funding on Fig.

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