Licensing issues are the main reason we haven’t seen a Detective Conan Case Closed video game in English. However, PAL publisher Nobilis made a deal with Marvelous Entertainment and whoever owns the rights to the series in Europe to release  Meitantei Conan: Tsuioku no Gensou (Detective Conan: Mirage of Reminiscence) on the Wii. The game will be renamed Case Closed: The Mirapolis investigation when it comes out in Europe this September.


However, Case Closed: The Mirapolis investigation isn’t a full blown mystery for Jimmy Kudo to crack. The game is a collection of motion controlled mini-games like evidence collecting, mini curling, and hit the groundhog. On the plus side Nobilis is keeping the original Japanese voices, which fans will appreciate. It isn’t clear if they’re adding an English voiceover track though.


Images courtesy of Marvelous Entertainment.

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