A Five Nights At Freddy’s Novel Is Coming Out On December 22nd



Scott Cawthon has teased a Five Nights At Freddy’s novelization on his website and it’s due to arrive on December 22nd 2015.


A new image (pictured above) appeared on Scott’s website that shows Freddy Fazbear and the text “Five Nights At Freddy’s”, “The Untold Story,” and “12/22/15.”


The name of the image file is “FNaF_TheNovel.jpg” implying that this untold story will be coming at us in the form of a novel.


More information was gleaned from the original version of this image – which said “Coming Soon” rather than giving a date – as the source code said “Coming soon to Amazon Kindle,” meaning that it’ll be an ebook rather than a physical one.

Chris Priestman