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A Game About Giant Robots Destroying A City By Playing Golf


Giant robots are often portrayed as being destructive mechanical beasts that flatten cities for the hell of it. Why can’t they have some fun, too?


That’s the premise behind 100ft Robot Golf as it heads to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR in 2016. Quite simply, you get to play as a huge robot as it competes with other robots to reach par. Oh, and the golf course takes you right through a city, by the way.

100ft robot golf

The good thing about being a giant robot is that, if your ball does get stuck between two skyscrapers, you can just swing your club to destroy both of them. Pretty handy.


100ft Robot Golf’s courses also take you across proper golf greens, mountains, even to moons. You can play with up to four players either online or splitscreen, and you can play in real-time, turn-based, or apply custom rulesets.

100 foot robot golf

Find out more about 100ft Robot Golf’s website.

Chris Priestman