A Game About Playing Videogames In Class Without Getting Caught



Pixel Ripped is an upcoming virtual reality game for Oculus Rift that acts as a tribute to retro gaming. The idea is to play through the history of videogames without getting caught.


In the current alpha demo, you play as a gaming enthusiast called Nicola who’s trying to get away with playing a Game Boy-like handheld device in a 1980s classroom without her teacher seeing.


The creators of Pixel Ripped are looking to take it further by having you start out in the 1970s on black-and-white arcade machines and working your way through to the colorful 3D graphics of gaming in the 1990s. As you do this you’ll move through living rooms and classrooms, consoles and handhelds, too.


You can find out more about the game on its website. That’s also where you’ll find the latest demo for PC – it works with an Oculus Rift headset and an Xbox controller.

Chris Priestman