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A Glimpse Into Heroes of Ruin’s Story


Alastair Cornish, External Designer for Heroes of Ruin, recently revealed a few additional details about the game in a podcast recorded with the game’s community manager. You can listen to it here.


Cornish started by discussing the game’s story. Heroes of Ruin starts you out in a city named Nexus. The lord and founder of the city has mysteriously taken ill, and no one seems to be able to find a cure for his illness. Seeking outside help, Nexus sends out a call for assistance, promising riches to anyone that can help find a cure.


Cornish went on to reveal that there are 227 different enemy creature types in Heroes of Ruin. Similar to Diablo II, singleplayer and multiplayer mode are identical. You’ll take on the same quests in both, but the game will dynamically scale difficulty up when you’re playing in multiplayer, with more and stronger enemies. You can play with other players regardless of level differences, and the difficulty will take this into account as well.


When gold is dropped, the party member that picks it up will get a slight bonus, but for the most part, gold will be distributed equally amongst the rest of the party. When it comes to gear and item drops in singleplayer, you’ll be more likely to see drops for your particular character class, but gear and items for other classes will be dropped as well.


Cornish also revealed that each time you enter a dungeon in Heroes of Ruin, the layout will be different. Certain parts of the game will even require you to revisit dungeons.

Ishaan Sahdev
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