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A Historical Demon Hunting Game From The Makers Of Dynasty Warriors


According to TaleTaleSource reports, the latest Famitsu issue gives us a look at Toukiden, made by Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force. The game was actually revealed last year. Here’s the teaser from Jump Festa.



Toukiden is a historical hunting game where you play as a warrior named Mononofu, who is out to take on demons.


Mononofu’s goal is to purify the demons he encounters. Doing so will likely be a tough task, as it’ll be required to aim for specific body parts such as their arms and legs, in order to defeat them. Could it mean we’ll be seeing some extra large demons on the hunt?


Up to four players can join forces on the expedition to rid the world of demons. Vita and PSP cross-play option available will also be a possibility.


Toukiden is slated for release in 2013 on PlayStation Vita and PSP.

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