A Horror Game Where You Play As A Toddler Crawls To PS4 This December

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Krillbite Studio has announced that it’s bringing toddler horror game Among The Sleep to PlayStation 4 on December 10th.


Among The Sleep found popularity when it came out for PC last year. Its selling point is the fact that you play as a two-year-old kid. This kid wakes up one night to find that there’s something lurking in its house just out of sight. And to make matters worse it seems that mom and dad aren’t around.


Left alone in this house with nothing but a teddy bear for comfort, this toddler steadily explores the dark corridors and eerie rooms until, at one point, they fall into a vivid fantasy world. But while the kid’s imagination seems to be taking them on a fantastical trip, the horrors don’t end there.


The PlayStation 4 version of Among The Sleep has had an audio-visual upgrade compared to the original PC version. That includes it running at 60 frames per second, getting a graphical overhaul, and improved scary sounds.

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