June 16th will see the release of Level 5’s next game in the form of The Little Battlers on PSP. Level 5 are treating this as their next big mixed-media franchise, with manga and anime series and plastic model kits to help expand it.


The plastic model kits work because The Little Battlers is a “plastic model RPG”. Kids in the game play with LBX — Little Battle Experience — robots. Your LBX just so happens to have to save the world. Level 5 say that you’ll have over 2,500 parts to choose from for customization in The Little Battlers. Here’s a new trailer with examples:



The Little Battlers will allow for battles from 2-4 players. Level 5 are going to include an actual plastic model kit of the AX-00, a prototype of your robot in the game, that you’ll have to build. You can catch the last major trailer for the game here.


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