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A Look At Local Multiplayer For Dragon: Marked For Death




In a recent Inti Creates livestream, new footage of Dragon Marked For Death was shown off, including local multiplayer and the full extent of movesets characters such as the Empress and the Warrior. [Thanks, Nintendo Everything!]


Here are some tidbits of info about the game from the livestream:

  • Dragon Marked For Death will have local and online multiplayer, but not split Joy-Con support. This is so that players are not confined to a single screen.


  • While there is no voice chat, there are predetermined messages that you can send to the other players.


  • There are some character-specific routes, such as how the Warrior is strong enough to push certain objects or destroy some objects that the Empress would have to find a way around. Meanwhile, Empress can extend her Dragon Arm to latch onto certain objects to swing around the area.


  • You aren’t limited to using one of each character, so it’s possible to have everyone use the Empress, for example. However, Inti Creates recommends having multiple characters to reap the benefits of each.


Check out the full gameplay below:


Dragon Marked for Death will come to the Nintendo Switch this winter.

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