A Look At Meta Knight And King Dedede’s Minigames In Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn


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One of the new features in Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn on Nintendo 3DS is the inclusion of two minigames featuring King Dedede and Meta Knight, who were absent in the original game on Wii. These two extra modes have recently gotten some gameplay footage. [Thanks, GameXplain!]


Dedede Gogogo

In Dedede Gogogo, players rush to the goal as King Dedede before the timer runs out, while collecting as many beads as possible. Apart from running and jumping to collect Fuse Beads and avoid Boom Block obstacles, Dedede can use his hammer to do a swinging dash attack on enemies, and do a head slide under tight gaps. It’s possible to collect several materials that can be used for furniture here.


Check out some gameplay below:


Meta Knight’s Slash & Bead

Meta Knight’s Slash & Bead lets players take command of Meta Knight, this time focusing on his aerial capabilities. Meta Knight can slash his sword in a wide arc to defeat enemies and gain beads from within them, and can also charge up a special attack that destroys enemies and gathers beads towards him. Throughout the stages, there are gauntlet sections where Meta Knight can destroy enemies to gain more time and earn more beads from enemies before the stage moves on.


Check out gameplay below:


Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn releases on March 8, 2019 for Nintendo 3DS.

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