A Look At The Tales Of Graces Hardware Bundle And Swimwear



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Thanks to Impress Watch, we finally get a good look at the Tales of Graces Special Pack, which includes the game, a white Wii and a white Classic Controller Pro for 27,800 yen. The special pack goes on sale December 10 and will be released in limited quantities, although, no one has cited any numbers yet.


Impress Watch also shows off the swimwear costumes you can equip your characters with. They show up both in battle and during event scenes, and have names like "Cat girl" and "Waterside angel." You can also look at screenshots of the various modes of transport in the game.


Good thing this bundle is releasing before Final Fantasy XIII in Japan. Expect November and December to be good months for Wii thanks to New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Tales of Graces.


Food for thought: Why a plain white Wii? Wouldn’t that put potential console double-dippers off from buying the bundle? The black Wii was what made the Monster Hunter 3 bundle so appealing, and even that didn’t give hardware a huge boost.

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