A Luminous Arc 2 Character Guessing Game

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How well do you know the cast Of Luminous Arc 2? This picture is an unlikely photo op since allies, enemies, and neutral characters are in the same photo. There are ten unnamed characters here and ten matching descriptions below. See if you can match who is who and post your guess in the comments! I’ll post the answers here tomorrow night so you can see if you were right.


1.) Fatima is the Witch that governs darkness, and is also known as the Shadow Frost Witch. She has left the Rev Magic Association, and is believed to have started the Witch Conflict three years ago


2.) Wendell may seem a little strange and irritable at being called out of his lab to attend meetings, but in his heart he’s always looking for more uses to harness the power the Lapis Seeds.


3.) Rasche is cynical and shoots his mouth off a lot, and doesn’t sweat the small stuff.


4.) Steiner was previously good friends with Roland and Rasche. He became the young leader of one of the three royal Knight Squads, the Stinger Squad. He studied hard and honed his skills as a young man, and his genius was acknowledged when he was placed in charge of the research and development of the Runic Engine.


5.) Althea is a girl who is training under the Brilliant Witch, Dia, in order to become a Witch. She meets Roland when she goes to hand deliver a document to Queen Sophia, as ordered by Dia.


6.) Sophia is the ruler of the Kingdom of Carnava. The combined burden of the Witch Conflict and the destruction wrought upon her Kingdom by the Fiends wears greatly on her. Once Roland fuses with the Runic Engine, she dubs him a Rune Knight and sends him off to the Brilliant Witch, Dia, in order to end the Witch Conflict.


7.) An undead kitty thing who uses dark magic and serves Fatima. He uses golems to wreak havoc upon Carnava.


8.) Roland aspires to be a Knight along with his older brother, Rasche. He trains with his strict father, Steven, a former Knight Squad leader. He is thrust into the Witch Conflict because of an incident which makes the “Runic Engine” fuse with his hand.


9.) Luna, the Tide Witch, is as ever changing as the ebb and flow of the sea. One moment she is serious, and the next she’s completely laid back. She loves water and teaching runeolingustics in almost equal amounts.


10.) Karen is the leader of the Rosetta Rosso, a mysterious band of thieves. She’s searching for a Lapistier, and since Roland’s travelling with Witches, she becomes an annoying foil to him.


Update: Wow, RagolSlayer you killed this with all of the right answers!


1.) E
2.) C
3.) I
4.) H
5.) J
6.) D
7.) A
8.) F
9.) B
10.) G


Images courtesy of Atlus.

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