A Maiden Of Battle Collects And Trains Monsters In Kemco’s Latest RPG



Japanese mobile game developer Kemco has released its latest fantasy RPG on to Google Play. It’s called Valkyria Soul and, for a limited time, will cost you $3.99. It will go up to its full price of $7.99 after its launch period.


Valkyria Soul is set in a ravaged land after Ragnarok has come and gone. Huginn, a survivor, excavates a cave to free the powerful valkyrie and legendary Maiden of Battle, Reginleiv. He does this in hope of resurrecting his master Odin.


With Reginleiv’s powers, you’re able to collect the souls of monsters in vessels called Fylgja. The Fylgja can be combined to create more powerful vessels that, in turn, create more vicious monsters that you can use to fight with. As such, each monster will have its own unique abilities, stats, and personality.


As well as advancing through the single player story, Valkyria Soul lets you also take your monsters into battle against other players in its online arena.

Chris Priestman