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A Mega Man And The Big O Mangaka Is Behind The Pokemon Sword And Shield Corviknight Design

pokemon sword and shield corviknight

Fans of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Corviknight now know who to thank for its design. Hitoshi Ariga took to Twitter to confirm that he was involved with the game’s character designs and was responsible in particular for the flying and steel-type Raven Pokemon that Galar Taxi uses to help players fast travel from town to town.

While people might know Ariga for work on manga like Mega Man Megamix, The Big O, and even the Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol webcomic, he has often been involved with Pokemon designs. For example, he was responsible for the designs for the Amaura, Grubbin, Honedge, Inkay, and Tyrunt line, as well as the recent Alolan Geodude and Grimer lines. If you keep up with Pokemon Trading Card Game, you may have seen his work on cards there. For example, in the Cosmic Eclipse expansion, he did the art for a Pikachu card (with Red on it) and a Red & Blue Trainer Supporter card.

Here’s a better look at Ariga’s Pokemon Sword and Shield Corviknight design.

pokemon sword and shield corviknight

Pokemon Sword and Shield are available for the Nintendo Switch.

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