A New Medabots Project Announced For Smartphones



Imagineer announced that the Medabots series is getting its very first smartphone game with a new project that is being developed by a subsidiary development company called SoWhat.


While no further details were shared on the new project, Imagineer will have more announcements coming via various Medabots social media accounts. The series also just opened its official YouTube channel where we’ll get to see a new program called “Medabots News” that will have the latest from the developers.


Furthermore, the official Medabots fan site will begin taking pre-orders for the “Medabots Game Sound Archives” that features music from the first five Medabots games starting November 28, 2018 which is the date of the series’ anniversary from its very first release of Medabots on November 28, 1997.


We can expect to hear more on November 28.

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