Grand Nights History, unlike Vanillaware’s last two games, is going to be a turn-based affair with some strategizing. In particular, Marvelous say that you’ll need to keep an eye on the formation of your units, which can be placed on a 4 x 4 grid. There are over 20 formations in the game, and each one offers certain bonuses during battle.


Marvelous released a promo video for the game today, which shows you a glimpse of the battles in Grand Knights History, and a peep at the unit customization as well:



Units in Grand Night History are customizable, and are divided into three classes: knight, wizard and archer. These classes are then further divided into sub-classes. For example, the three types of knights are: soldier, paladin and maiden. You can select their hair colour, hairstyle, voice, accessory and other physical features. Your character’s personality will influence their development, too.


Marvelous have Grand Knights History scheduled for a September 1st release in Japan for the PSP.


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