A New tri-Ace Game Will Be Announced At Tokyo Game Show 2018



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tri-Ace, the developers known for its Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean series, will announce a new game at Tokyo Game Show 2018.


The announcement is expected to be made through a Dengeki TGS Special Broadcast on September 20 at 12:00pm JST. It’ll feature the appearances of tri-Ace’s Shingo Mukaitouge who worked on titles such as Frontier Gate, Dewy’s Adventure, Senritsu no Stratus, along with Takayuki Suguro who directed Resonance of Fate, Valkyrie Profile 2, and more.


The guests will showcase gameplay as well as reveal information on tri-Ace’s new title that will be announced at TGS 2018.


Tokyo Game Show 2018 takes place from September 20 to September 23, 2018.

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