A Puzzle Game That Takes Place Inside Public Signs


Three-person team Skookum Arts has revealed upcoming puzzler The Pedestrian. It has you playing as the male symbol in the public bathroom sign on a quest to save the female symbol.


This journey takes place across a series of public signs hanging on walls that you likely see every day – a slippery floor sign, an elevator sign, an exit sign, and so on. You run through one sign and end up inside another and this is how you traverse the world.


Some creative license is had, though, so most of the signs have been tweaked to better suit the game’s platforming challenges and puzzles. As you’ll see in the footage above, you’ll even need to rearrange the positions of signs on the wall so that you can proceed.


The current plan is to bring The Pedestrian to PC in mid-2016. You can keep up with its development on its website.

Chris Priestman